I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

치비모리 | do not edit.

3/10 of k in onstyle i ii

Patience, now, frustration’s in the air

And people who don’t care

Well it’s gonna get you down

And you’ll fall

Yes you will hit a wall

But get back on your feet

And you’ll be stronger and smarter


And I know ‘cause I’ve been there before

Knockin’ down the doors, won’t take “No” for an answer

you’ll see ‘cause if it’s meant to be

Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

exo through the ages via laptops→ mama era


sehun pushing chanyeol’s nose up

oohsehun: 됴~~ 괜찮아사랑이야 수.목 밤10시 기대중!!🙌🙌
dyo~~ it’s okay that’s love wed.thurs night 10pm looking forward to it!!🙌🙌

because cutie baby hun is cute